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Collaborate 317


Who is Collaborate 317?

Collaborate 317 is a community of entrepreneurs, business owners, and hard workers! They continuously hosts networking opportunities like lunch and learns, happy hours, and outings.

My Role

They needed assistance with branding, web design, printing, and event support. I acted as lead Website Designer/Developer and Creative Director for this project. Charley Grey was the over-seeing marketing and creative company.

Collaborate 317 wanted a simple logo that was professional and sleek. They did not want a lot of colors due to the nature of their business. They house a large variety of business types and wanted their brand to be able to reflect a neutral position.

We designed multiple prints for them including: membership packets, business cards, brochures, t-shirts, event flyers, banners, and window decals, just to name a few. Their brand was consistent and well-represented among all print types.

We continued our branding efforts by developing a company tagline and an elevator speech.

The website needed to accomplish a handful of goals set by Collaborate 317. They wanted clear “call to actions” throughout the website. This allows potential members to have multiple opportunities to reach out.

The result was a clean website that displays membership options, information about networking events hosted by C317, and general information on the collaborative building itself.

We printed everything in our in-house print shop making the printing process fast and easy for Collaborate 317. They were even able to come in and choose their paper type, talk to our print support representative, and learn about the printing process.

Collaborate 317 hosts networking events every week. We have designed Facebook event pages, social media paid ads, event banners and flyers. We attend the events as a C317 member and have given speeches on topics including: website design and development, business operations, and social media management.

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