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Who is Charley Grey?

Charley Grey is a team of creative individuals who love to design brands, develop websites, obsess over everything print, and strategically craft marketing campaigns that work! Charley Grey is located just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. They help their clients forge meaningful connections through branding, web design, printing, and marketing.

My Role

I work full-time for Charley Grey as a Creative Director and as the Website Design and Development Lead. Within the last 8 months we have gone through an extensive company re-brand from our visual identity and messaging, to our services, to the inner-workings of our operations. I was fortunate enough to help lead this change!

In our first quarter of the new year we saw a 30% increase in revenue in comparison to 2016. A result of our hard work in implementing the re-brand. This has enabled us to grow our team, our client list, and expand our services. Below is an overview of my involvement during this change among all facets of the business from operations, management, and design.


  • I aided in the design of the new logo
  • I developed the new color palette
  • I selected typography for print and web
  • I wrote the company tagline
  • I helped develop the company tone and established messaging approach

Business Development/Operations/Management:

  • I aided in business development
  • I helped develop department processes
    • Sales Process
    • Branding Process
    • Website Design and Development Process
    • Generic Project Approach
  • I helped develop a new target audience
  • I helped develop a sales strategy and new service pricing structure
  • I help manage employee task obligations
  • I aide in new client acquisition
  • I help facilitate the flow of communication and project duties
  • I act as a client account manager for all web projects

Website Design and Development:

  • I designed and developed our new website
  • I implemented organic SEO structure using Yoast Plugin
  • I compressed and optimized images to make website faster
  • I minified Java and CSS scripts to enhance website functionality and performance
  • I manage theme plugins and framework updates
  • I frequently test website against GT Metrix for performance monitoring
    • Results:
      • Pagespeed Score: (A) 93% (Average (71%))
      • Yslow Score: (B) 84% (Average (70%))
      • Page Load Time: 1.9 seconds

CMYK: 90%, 16%, 0%, 0%

CMYK: 0%, 72%, 99%, 0%

CMYK: 69%, 96%, 20%, 6%

New Logo

Charley Grey is a fun and modern creative company. I wanted to design a logo that reflected our companies personality. After a lot of research and collaboration with an in-house designer, we came up with one primary logo and two secondary logos. All three have their own specific uses.

  1. Primary: letterheads, envelopes, process forms, pricing sheets, social profiles, website header, etc.
  2. Secondary: social images, website header, business cards, image overlays, etc.
  3. Secondary 2: designed to be a stamp for all outgoing print boxes

Web Design and Branding Processes

Each client we serve is different however when we design a website or brand we follow a similar approach every time. I developed a process that would help navigate any designer assigned to a specific client. This enables our approach to be consistent, allows everyone, including the client, to stay updated on how long the project will take, creates a guided transparency to what could be a confusing few weeks, and helps the design team stay organized so that the project can be accomplished to the highest standards.

Bridging Acquisition With Project Initiation

The web design and development process can be a difficult few weeks for the client and the creative company behind the project. A lot of business owners avoid a new website all together because they don’t understand the process and creative companies don’t do a very good job at keeping the client involved with where they are at along the way.

Along with the more in-depth process sheets I developed, I designed a flyer for all new web clients. The simple flyer is given to a new client immediately after they sign our contract and helps them understand what to expect and what to do next. Essentially, the acquisition specialist is now handing the client off to myself, the website designer/developer, where I fulfill their web needs and will act as the account manager overseeing their project until final completion. This acts as a great introduction to who will be handling their project, who will be their direct point of contact, and establishes transparency, removing the confusion that normally walks hand in hand with large web projects. Below is a graphic that represents what the client receives once a contract has been signed.



1 Week



1-2 Weeks



1 Week




Use the card attached to this website process guide to fill out a short form that will enable us to start your web project! Within 24 hours of completing the form we will begin. Our lead designer will be your main point of contact for the next few weeks while your site is being built.

The guide below is to help you understand how the website design and development process works and how long it normally takes to complete. Time involved is relevant to website size and intended functionality so please take that into account.

After your website is launched, we will perform monthly maintenance on it to ensure website functionality. Reports will be regularly provided. Thank you so much for allowing Charley Grey to build you a website that will help you attract more business and grow your online presence.

Let’s talk!

Whether it’s a small creative project or a large ongoing collaboration, I would love to sit down with you and discuss your needs!