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Charley Grey


Who is Charley Grey?

Charley Grey is a creative branding agency, located outside of Indianapolis, who love to design brands, develop websites, obsess over everything print, and strategically craft marketing campaigns that work!

My role

I work for Charley Grey as a Creative Director and as the Website Design and Development Lead. Within the last 8 months we have gone through an extensive company re-brand from our visual identity and messaging, to our services, to the inner-workings of our operations. I was fortunate enough to help lead this change!
In our first quarter of the new year we saw a 30% increase in revenue in comparison to 2016. This has enabled us to grow our team, our client list, and expand our services. Below is an overview of my involvement during this change among all facets of the business from operations, management, and design.

  • I aided in the design of the new logo
  • I developed the new color palette
  • I selected typography for print and web
  • I wrote the company tagline
  • I helped develop the company tone and established messaging
  • I aided in business development
  • I helped develop department processes
    • Sales Process
    • Branding Process
    • Website Design and Development Process
    • Generic Project Approach
  • I helped develop a target audience
  • I helped develop a sales strategy
  • I helped develop a new web pricing structure
  • I designed and developed our new website
  • I implemented search engine optimization plan
  • I aided in developing web content

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