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About Me


I am passionate about helping businesses retain more clients, secure more customers, and make more money! I do this by leveraging everything I have learned in the marketing sector to develop a plan of action that will bolster brand engagement. I look at the entire picture and ask the right questions. I analyze trends, competitors, the market, areas of improvement; just to name a few. I devise a plan of action that couples simplistic but thoughtful design with a strong marketing effort that will help you stand out to your audience.

oh….I almost forgot…

I am a father to a beautiful 19 month old girl named Adeline. When I am not in the office you will most likely find me at the playground or splash park! I also enjoy being outdoors, working out, finding hole in the wall coffee shops, and going to too many movies.


A compilation of some of my favorite logo design projects.



More projects I have worked on, from branding to web design.


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